BJP Retaliates To Rahul's Remark On PM, Says We Cannot Expect Anything More From Him

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| September 22 , 2018 , 18:06 IST

Law and Information Technology Minister and Bhartiya Janta Party leader Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday held a press conference on the allegations of the Congress Party on the Rafale Deal.

Prasad while launchig an attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that We don't expect any better from a person who has no ability and is placed in politics just because of his family. Rahul Gandhi has made an irresponsible, shameful statement. Neither people of the country, nor the world is believing these false allegations.

Prasad said, “We cannot expect anything more from a person who is out on bail along with his own mother in cases like land, shares and corruption, a person who never spoke even when his brother-in-law was caught in a land grabbing case. A person whose whole family took bribe in the alleged Bofors Scam.”

Upon Rahul’s comments on PM Narendra Modi, Prasad said, “No national spokesperson of any political party has used such words against the Prime Minister of a country.

Speaking on the Price of the aircraft, Prasad said, “Price negotiated by NDA is 9% less for basic aircraft and 20% less in case of fully loaded, as compared to UPA's price.”

He also said, “There is evidence available that a proper MoU existed between Dassault and Reliance industry as early as on Feb 13, 2013, that means 1 year, 4 months before we came to power.”