BJP Received Tremendous Blow In Gujarat: Rahul Gandhi Over Election Results

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| December 19 , 2017 , 19:58 IST

Given the response received towards their aggressive campaigning in Gujarat, Congress was anticipating the election verdict to be in their favour. However, despite the opposite results, the party President Rahul Gandhi was not completely disheartened and rather felt motivated to perform better in 2019 elections.

Instead of going MIA, as ruling party expected, Rahul Gandhi emerged as a stronger political leader and described the Gujarat verdict as a "moral victory" for the party. The Congress President is confident that BJP might not agree publically but the results have given a massive jolt to the party.

While talking to reporters on Tuesday, Gandhi said, "BJP has received a tremendous blow in Gujarat. PM Modi keeps trotting out the party line but the people of the country are no longer listening."

Further questioning the credibility of Modi's Gujarat model, Rahul said, "I got to know that people in Gujarat do not approve of Modi ji's model, the marketing and propaganda is very good but it is hollow from the inside, they could not answer our campaign."

The party president further affirmed that Narendra Modi has a credibility problem and Gujarat Elections have "put a big question mark on PM Modi's credibility". The Gandhi scion believes that BJP is not undefeatable and sent a message to BJP stating, "your anger will not work, you can be defeated by love."

BJP is all ready to form a government in Gujarat for the sixth consecutive term despite tough competition from Rahul Gandhi-led Congress. The ruling party claimed 99 seats out of 182 whereas Congress followed closely behind with 80 seats in the kitty. Notably, in comparison to 2012 elections, the gap between the votes of two parties has been bridged to a greater extent.

While BJP has refused to acknowledge the hard work and improved results of Congress, Rahul Gandhi honourably accepted his defeat in the states by tweeting that the "party accepts the verdict of the people and congratulates the new governments in both states."