BJP Pulls Out Of The PDP Coalition Govt In Jammu And Kashmir, Calls For Governor's Rule

| June 19 , 2018 , 15:17 IST

In a significant move on Tuesday, the BJP announced that it will be pulling out of the PDP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir, after a series of differences with the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti-led party.

The decision was announced by BJP spokesperson Ram Madhav in a media address on Tuesday. Subsequently, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti submitted her resignation as well.

"We have taken a decision, it is untenable for BJP to continue in alliance with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir, hence we are withdrawing," Ram Madhav said. 

"Terrorism, violence and radicalisation have risen and fundamental rights of the citizens are under danger in the Valley. Shujaat Bukhari's killing is an example," Madhav continued.

"Keeping in mind larger interest of India's security and integrity, fact is that J&K is an integral part of India, in order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state we have decided that the reigns of power in the state be handed over to the Governor," he said.

"Centre did everything for the Valley. We've tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pak. PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from PDP in developmental works in Jammu & Ladakh," Madhav said.

"We had to respect the mandate of the people. If we would not have formed govt at that time, Governor's rule or Presidential rule would have been imposed in the Valley. We had an alliance with them just for the mandate that was given by people," he said.

The most recent strain in the relations between the PDP and the BJP was the Centre's decision to not continue with the unilateral ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir after the month of Ramzan, as had been pushed for by the PDP.

In the wake of strained relations, BJP president Amit Shah had called the Jammu and Kashmir BJP MLAs and top leaders to Delhi on Tuesday for an urgent meeting, sparking rumours of a possible breakup of the state coalition government.  

The PDP and the BJP have also different in their views on the Army's rights in the valley, with the PDP vouching for a lenient attitude in favour of locals, while the BJP favoured more autonomy to the armed forces.

The Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections 2014 resulted in PDP winning 28 seats and BJP winning 25 seats from the total 87 seat assembly. Since neither parties secured the 44 seats required, the PDP and BJP formed a coalition government.