Bizarre? 27-Year-Old In Himachal Pradesh Arrested For Smelly Socks

| December 3 , 2017 , 10:20 IST

In a nation where criminals often escape arrest, a 27-year-old man was briefly arrested as his smelly socks created a 'public nuisance'.

In an air-conditioned Volvo bus travelling from Delhi to Dharamshala, 27-year-old Prakash Kumar made himself comfortable for the bus ride by taking off his shoes and socks. He likely didn't expect the uproar that would follow, due to his fetid socks.

Several passengers on the bus began feeling sick due to the stench and asked Kumar to either pack the socks or throw them away. Kumar refused to do either, resulting in a heated argument near Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

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The driver and conductor stopped the bus twice to pacify the passengers but were unsuccessful. They were finally forced to drive the bus to a police station in Una where a complaint was filed against Kumar.

At the Una police station, Kumar was arrested for causing a public nuisance but was soon after released on surety by the Una sub-divisional magistrate.

Sanjeev Gandhi, the Una superintendent of police said that a case had been registered against Kumar based on a complaint filed by his co-passengers. Gandhi added that apart from the smelly socks, Kumar also created a ruckus at the police station which led to the arrest.

Meanwhile, Kumar filed a counter-complaint against the other passengers, claiming that his socks did not stink and that they quarrelled with him for no reason.