Bihar: Mother Of 4 Dies As Man Inserts Iron Rod Into Her Private Parts After Failed Rape Attempt

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| October 13 , 2017 , 13:06 IST

A 22-year-old youth attempted to rape a 35-year-old woman in Patna's Naubatpur village but after a failed attempt, he inserted an iron rod into her private parts leaving her drenched in blood and injured. The woman, a mother of 4 children later succumbed to the horrific internal injuries caused by the youth.

According to reports, the youth Dheeraj Kumar who was known to the woman attempted to rape the woman but when he failed to do so, he inserted an iron rod into her private parts. After committing the crime, Kumar fled the scene, leaving the woman drenched in blood.

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The woman managed to drag herself back home, despite her injuries, after which her family rushed her to a nearby police station. The victim was then taken to the Raifral Hospital for treatment, and was then referred to Patna Medical College. During an operation, she died and the cause of death was given as excessive bleeding.

It was only after the post-mortem that the internal injuries of the woman were discovered.

During interrogation, the accused, Kumar admitted to his crime and was arrested.

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The incident has certain similarities with the case of 'Nirbhaya' who was also brutally injured by means of an iron rod which was inserted into her private parts, causing severe damage during a Delhi gang rape in 2012. 'Nirbhaya' also did not survive the ordeal, and died in the hospital.

The Bihar incident comes to light only days after a Class XII student in Bihar's Bhagalpur committed suicide “being unable to bear the trauma of being raped.”