Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Takes A Jibe At Congress Over Defeat In Gujarat Elections

| December 18 , 2017 , 19:02 IST

Post the result declaration of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, greetings and wishes started pouring from over the nation for Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on the remarkable victory against Congress. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also congratulated the winning party but didn't forget to take a jibe at the opposition.

The JD-U President congratulated PM Modi through a tweet in Hindi which, if roughly translated will read, "Congratulations to honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bhartiya Janata Party on winning Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections. Claiming victory in Gujarat, Congress lost in Himachal Pradesh also."

Bihar's deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi and BJP's senior leader Sushil Kumar Modi took the occasion to taunt Congress President for describing  GST as "Gabbar Singh Tax" and tweeted, "People of Gujarat have put their stamp on GST & Demonetisation.Gabbar has been demonetised in Gujarat."

Another Bihar minister who also contributes as the in charge of BJP in Himachal Pradesh regarded this victory as people's support for development and good governance. Mangal Pandey said, "BJP victory in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat have made it clear that the days of caste and communal politics are over."

Union minister Griraj Singh also accused Rahul Gandhi of trying to break the social fabric of Gujarat in which he failed. He said, "The people of Gujarat have voted against his attempt to break social unity." BJP supporters and leaders are celebrating their memorable victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.