Bengaluru Woman Lynched By 100-Member Mob For Reporting Illegal Cow Slaughter

| October 16 , 2017 , 12:24 IST

Mob lynching increased in India to disturbing numbers in the past year, especially carried out by cow vigilantes (gau rakshaks) over perceived violence to cows, however, in an opposite situation, a Bengaluru woman and her car, was attacked after she attempted to report illegal cow slaughter.

A Bengaluru techie, Nandini, along with her friends, was driving by the Tippu Circle in JP Nagar area of Bengaluru when they noticed suspicious activity as cows were being taken to a secluded lane and were being slaughtered, in an area where several illegal beef shops operate.

Nandini and her friends reported the illegal cow slaughter and lodged a complaint at the Thalaghattapura police station around 6:30 PM, however instead of receiving help, they got thrashed by the 100-strong mob.

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"Police assured us they will take necessary action. We sat there at the station and noticed at least 15-20 policemen there. When they were leaving to locate the area we mentioned, we requested them to take us along so that we could direct them," Nandini said.

"Two constables got into my car (Innova). When we reached the lane where cow slaughter was going on, I could see crowds there. I thought it could be people gathering seeing police vehicles," she continued.

"Assuming there would be police inside the lane, we went inside. There, I was shocked to see that we were alone. Not one cop was there. The mob got into a frenzy and hurled bricks at my vehicle," Nandini added.

"They shouted pro-Pakistan slogans and continued raining stones at my car from all sides. I somehow managed to get myself out of these. All this happened around 8 30 PM. Window panes of my car shattered and my right shoulder was injured," she said.

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As Nandini returned to the police station, the sub-inspector shouted at them and refused to take pictures to prove the attack.

"I now feel the SI work hand-in-glove with those criminals," she said.

"It looked like a trap to teach us a lesson. I have lodged another complaint but they have watered down the IPC sections," Nandini said to India Today.

The incident was condemned by former chief minister of Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa who tweeted, "Condemn the brutal mob-attack on the woman who exposed illegal cow slaughter. This violent attack today in Bengaluru is another proof law and order breakdown under Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah."