Kapil Sibal Says Baba Ramdev Became Overnight Billionaire With Public Money, Asks RBI To Investigate Bank Favours

| February 24 , 2018 , 15:43 IST

Senior Congress leader and former Minister Kapil Sibal on Saturday came heavily on the NDA Government saying the costliest Chowkidar has failed to save the nation from those who have looted our wealth.

In an AICC press conference, Sibal said that while PM Modi used to give a statement every day when the allegation of 1.76 crores was leveled during UPA days despite that being a presumptive loss. The courts later ruled that there was no scam. But this loss is real; there is no presumptive loss. But why is Modi Ji silent?

Attacking Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurveda, Sibal said that some businessmen have become overnight billionaires with the help of banks that gave them public money. He said that some people have been allowed to take public money through the banking system, become billionaires overnight. They are fraudulently exporting sandalwood, caught by the DRI, wearing Chinese footwear and talking of swadeshi. Sibal said the RBI should do an enquiry as soon as possible.

“If RBI does not investigate those close to the government then we will take action against the RBI.” he added.

Sibal also read out four specific demands to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the Prime Minister must assure the country that:

The SWIFT communication system of all banks will be connected to their core banking system in 30 days.

That every SWIFT message in the past 5 years will be checked by the banks, to report if they are supported by genuine business transactions to expose any other frauds that are yet to be detected.

The RBI must conduct a frozen forensic audit of all SWIFT communications matching them with underlying transaction within 60 days and report to the people of India through a report that shud be made public

Accountability of the Finance Ministry, RBI and the management of defaulting banks must be fixed in 60 days.

“Till PM gives assurance, people will believe that the government is helping these people. PM must also understand that this money belongs to common man,” he added.