‘Azam Khan Attempted Acid Attack On Me’, Alleges Former Samajwadi Party Leader Jaya Prada

| February 2 , 2019 , 11:23 IST

Actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada in an interview on Friday claimed that senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan allegedly attempted an acid attack on her. She also referred to Amar Singh as her “Godfather”.

Former Samajwadi Leader Jaya Prada said that Amar Singh backed her on every difficult situation. Making serious allegations against Rampur legislature Azam Khan, Jaya Prada said, “Because the state I was in, contesting elections with Azam Khan, as a woman, with acid attack threats, a threat to my life… I couldn’t even tell my mother if I would come back alive whenever I left from home.”

She even slammed other politicians for never coming in support of her, “Not one politician came out in support of me. Mulayam Singh Ji didn't even call me once.”

The actor turned politician further said that people raised speculations on her relationship with Amar Singh even after she tied rakhi. She said that she was inches close to committing suicide when her morphed pictures went viral on social media. She added that only Amar Singh, who came out of his dialysis and stood in support of her.

“What will you think of him? Godfather or someone else? Even if I tie rakhi to him, will people stop talking? I don’t care what people say,” Jaya Prada said. She further added that being a woman politician in a “male-dominated set-up” is a “real war”.