23 Arrested For Beating To Death 5 Men in Maharashtra Over Child Lifting Rumours

| July 2 , 2018 , 09:51 IST

The police has arrested 23 people in connection with the mob lynching of 5 people on Sunday based on social media rumours about child lifters in the Dhule village of north Maharashtra.

Minister of State (MoS) for Maharashtra Deepak Kesarkar assured that strong action would be taken and urged people not to believe in posts circulated on social media. He emphasised that people should not law into their own hands. 

SP Dhule M Ramkumar said that 23 people have been arrested, adding, "We have also identified some more accused in this case. 5 teams have been formed to identify the accused." 

According to Dhule police, a crowd at the weekly market was questioning the 5 men soon after they got off of a state transport bus.

“The villagers got into an argument with the men when the latter failed to give answers to their satisfaction. They started thrashing the men,” police said.

The mob began kicking and punching the victims, hitting them with stones and any other object they could find. Police arrived from the Pimpalner police station and took the 5 injured men to a gram panchayat office, however villagers gathered around the office itself. The villagers broke down the door of the gram panchayat office, assaulted the police team and clobbered the 5 injured men to death.

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The victims are said to be members of a nomadic tribe which makes its living by seeking alms. The 5 victims have been identified as Dadarao Bhosale, Bharat Bhosale and Bharat Salve from Khave village in Mangalvedha, Ingole from Manewada and Raju Bhosale from a village on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border in Solapur district.

Rumours of child lifters in Tripura also led to the death of one man visiting from Uttar Pradesh, while his two associates were injured severely.