Amit Shah Agitated, Breaks Silence On Allegations Against Son Jay Shah

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| October 13 , 2017 , 18:10 IST

BJP President, Amit Shah has kept mum ever since the allegations were thrown on his son, Jay Shah and his company for misusing the party's power. Having had enough of the "baseless" accusations, Shah finally broke his silence and told a leading media channel that there is no case of corruption in the whole matter.

Addressing the report presented by the media portal, 'The Wire' which claimed that Jay Shah's business has been profited ever since BJP came into power by over 16,000 times, Shah said, "If you have documents to prove your allegations, bring them to court."

Amit Shah emphasised that none of his son's companies "did even one rupee worth of business" in any way with the government. Bringing the major political scandal during Congress rule, he pointed that his son didn't "received kickbacks like in the case of Bofors".

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Amit Shah's son, Jay Shah has sued the website which broke the news for Rs 100 crores. The infamous report claimed that Jay Shah's firms were granted unsecured loans, one of which is a state-run firm which reports to the Power Ministry. Not letting the opportunity go, Congress has called this an "excellent example" of crony capitalism.

Amit Shah clarified, "Please understand this is not corruption. Many allegations of corruption were made against the Congress. Did it ever file a civil suit or defamation suit? No. Why they lacked such courage? Today Jay has filed a defamation as well as civil suit and is demanding a probe himself."

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He added, "The business was of commodity trade which is a high-value low-profit venture. If a company's turnover becomes Rs. 1 crore, its profit does not become Rs. 1 crore...It is unfair to say there was an over 16,000 times jump in profit...say what the turnover was...It makes it seem like the turnover was huge but it wasn't."

The BJP leader also brought to light that after achieving the whopping turnover of Rs 80 crore, his son's firm suffered a loss of Rs 1.5 crore. Rubbishing the case of money laundering, he said, "All the payments were made through cheques. There is no question of money laundering."

While talking about the loans, Shah clarified that they were not unsecured but a line of credit. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Thursday stated that the allegations made are not worth investigating due to the lack of evidence.