Amidst Hung House, Single Largest Party Congress Stakes Claim To Form Govt In Meghalaya

| March 4 , 2018 , 09:21 IST

The Congress, which has formed the government in Meghalaya back-to-back from 2009, has already staked its claim to form the next government as it became the single largest party in the state election results announced on Saturday.

Winning a total of 21 seats, 10 seats short from the majority, Senior Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and Kamal Nath on Saturday evening met with Governor Ganga Prasad, requesting him to invite the Congress party to form the new government in Meghalaya.

"We have already met the governor and handed him a letter to request him to invite the Congress being the single largest party," Nath told IANS.

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"We will stake claim to form the government. We are already in touch with other political parties. We are confident of forming the new government," the senior Congress leader said.

"The voice of the people should be respected and the BJP winning only two seats has proven that people rejected them," he added.

"It is a fractured mandate. Now it is a question of looking at people who would like to look at common agenda acceptable to the state's people and come together," said outgoing Chief Minister Mukul Sangma.

The Congress party won 7 seats less than the 28 seats it had won in Meghalaya in the 2013 elections. Meanwhile, the NPP won 19 seats, Others won 17 seats and the BJP was able to secure only 2 seats in the Meghalaya polls.

In the Goa state assembly elections 2017, despite the Congress being the single largest party with 17 seats, the BJP, which won 13 seats, formed the government by allying with other smaller parties.