New Turn In AAP Vs Chief Secretary Row, Amanatullah Khan Surrenders Despite Doing 'Nothing Wrong'

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| February 21 , 2018 , 14:17 IST

Amidst the assault allegations by Delhi's chief secretary Anshu Prakash towards Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) lawmakers of beating him at CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence, ruling party's MLA Amanatullah Khan surrendered at Jamia police station on Wednesday. 

Refusing to have any part in the scuffle, Khan accused BJP of brainwashing Prakash for the entire fiasco. He further alleged the Delhi CS of conspiring with the central government to destabilise the AAP government in Delhi.

Refuting all allegations against himself and his fellow MLA Prakash Jarwal, Khan highlighted that there has been no physical evidence against the leaders. Delhi Police will produce him before Delhi’s Tis Hazari court for further course of action.

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Delhi Police has been searching for Khan following the Delhi CS lodged a complaint against him and MLA Prakash Jarwal. Reports suggest that CS Prakash has suffered from cut marks and swelling on and near his face and the medical report has also confirmed the injuries.

Prakash Jarwal was arrested on Tuesday from his home in Deoli, his constituency in south Delhi. Police have also arrested Kejriwal’s adviser, VK Jain for questioning as Jain has supposedly called the meeting in which the Chief Secretary was assaulted.

Following Khan's detention, AAP's senior leader Sanjay Singh stated, "Delhi Chief Secretary says he was beaten by AAP MLAs. There is no proof that he was beaten." He also alleged BJP of levelling a "number of false allegations" against the party.