Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav Adds Support For CM Yogi's Call For One Nation, One Poll

| June 6 , 2018 , 15:14 IST

National president of Samajwadi Party (SP) and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday added support to UP CM Yogi Adityanath's call for simultaneous elections and said that the SP is ready to face simultaneous polls in 2019.

“One nation, one poll is good and we welcome it. Our party is ready to take on simultaneous polls in 2019. Also, we demand that the voter list is linked to Aadhaar to ensure fair and free polls,” Yadav said from the party headquarters in Lucknow.

“It seems that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made preparations to extend its regime. They have not thought about how regional parties will contest elections in such a short span of time. Big parties can fight elections with the help of management, but what about regional and small parties? However, if simultaneous polls are conducted soon, we are ready for that,” he added.

Cabinet minister Sidharth Nath Singh had on Tuesday submitted a report to the UP CM office suggesting implementation of simultaneous polls in the country in 2 phases, making Uttar Pradesh officially the first state to prepare a report on the issue.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign for all elections to be held at the same time so that we don't spend five years on elections. Elections to state governments, Lok Sabha and bypolls at different times hamper development due to the implementation of the model code of conduct,” Adityanath had said.

The BJP for long has been batting for simultaneous state and general polls, and even the Election Commission has committed to the feasibility of simultaneous polls, however, all the states would be required to agree to the one nation one polls concept before it can be implemented.