Airports On High Alert Ahead Of New Year, Based On Terror Attack Intel

| December 26 , 2017 , 10:30 IST

The holiday season is here with New Year's eve approaching and Airports have gone on high alert, based on intelligence of possible terrorist attacks. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has sent an alert to all airport operators and airlines to maintain 'highest level of vigil' due to a risk of terrorist attacks.  

"New Year celebration functions are being held throughout the country. This is a vulnerable period. Number of instances have occurred in the past also when this period has been chosen by terrorists/antinational elements to perpetrate act of terrorism," the alert sent by BCAS to aviation stakeholders and state police chiefs said.

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"During the year, Pak-based terrorist outfits have already shown their intentions to carry out attacks in the country. During 2017, IS inspired individuals have carried out gruesome attacks in other countries, targeting innocent civilians as well as police personnel. Perpetrators have initiated attacks by suicide bombing, using improvised explosive device-laden vehicle, stabbing, ramming vehicle into crowd and indiscriminate firing in crowded areas," the note issued said.

Accordingly, BCAS has called for strengthening security measures by taking steps such as strictly regulating entry into terminal buildings, airside and all operational areas, enhanced screening of passengers staff and visitors, and enhanced screening of baggage and cargo.

Manual surveillance as well as through CCTV in and around terminal buildings and operational areas would also be increased.