Air India Express Plane Overshoots During Landing At Rain Hit Mumbai Airport

| July 11 , 2018 , 11:02 IST

Due to heavy rain, an Air India Express flight overshot the runway by 10 feet while landing at Mumbai airport on Tuesday afternoon as the primary runway of the airport was kept closed for maintenance work.  

A total of 89 people were present on the flight which included 82 passengers and 7 crew members, all them were marked safe. No damage to the aircraft or airport property was reported.

Air India Express official revealed that, "Air India Express flight IX213 from Vijayawada to Mumbai while landing on alternate runway 14 due to a closure of main runway 27, stopped 10 feet beyond the runway end on the paved stopway."

The official added, "The aircraft had touched down correctly and used maximum braking but due to the slippery conditions the aircraft could stop only at the stopway."

The official further added that "Mumbai has experienced heavy continuous rain and the reason for the poor slippery conditions of the runway will be investigated soon".

"The main runway was shut for around 30 minutes between 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm, and the aircraft is said to have landed at around the same time.

Another factor to be investigated was aircraft maintenance, whether the grooves on the aircraft wheels were worn out and could that have affected aircraft.

Speaking to Captain Mohan Ranganathan, safety expert said, “The wet runway landing distance is longer than a dry runway landing distance. Pilots generally consider dry runway landing distance for precaution."  

Last September, a similar case was witnessed due to the wet surface a Spicejet aircraft carried 183 passengers overshot the runway during landing skid off the gravel surface.