After More Bypoll Losses, BJP To Bet On PM Modi's Chemistry For 2019

| June 1 , 2018 , 08:12 IST

The results of the bypolls conducted for 4 Lok Sabha seats and 10 assembly seats which were declared on Thursday saw BJP winning only 1 Lok Sabha seat and 1 assembly seat overall, continuing with the saffron party's poor performance in bypolls. In the wake of the bypoll results, BJP leaders are betting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's chemistry and charm for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

BJP MP and national spokesperson G V L Rao highlighted the popularity of PM Modi, and the role it would play in the general elections.

“In the four years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, the BJP has secured unusual and extraordinary mandate, as the people wanted a government led by Modi at the Centre and under his guidance in the state," said Rao.  

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"While the Prime Minister continues to swing election after election with his ever-growing popularity, the same factors do not hold much sway during bypolls, where caste and local factors take precedence over national leadership. People going for bypolls know that the outcome will have no bearing on the stability of the government at the Centre and in the state,” he said.

However, other party leaders have expressed concerns over the defeat of BJP and its allies in the bypolls as “worrying” as it indicates that “there is a level of anti-incumbency against the state leadership and the BJP as a whole”, that the party “has failed to communicate the initiatives of the Modi government for the poor to the voters”, and that the “voters, contrary to what the party expected, are ready to try the Opposition parties that have united to defeat the BJP”.

National convenor of the BJP’s intellectual cell R Balashankar, “In the bypolls, it is arithmetic that works. But in the Lok Sabha polls, it is chemistry that decides the winner. Prime Minister Modi’s popularity will have its impact on the Lok Sabha polls — his chemistry will work for the BJP.”