Aero India 2019: Lockheed Martin Unveils New Combat Jet F-21 For India

| February 20 , 2019 , 17:16 IST

US Defence major Lockheed Martin on Wednesday unveiled the F-21 multi-role fighter jet for India. The fighter jet will be produced in India.

The announcement was made at the Aero India show in Bengaluru, and the firm said in a statement that it would partner with Tata Advanced Systems to produce the F-21 in India.

The US Defence major, which had earlier offered its F-16 fighter to India, said the F-21 addresses the IAF’s unique requirements and integrates India into the world’s largest fighter aircraft ecosystem.

Dr Vivek Lall, vice president of Strategy and Business Development for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics said in a statement that “The F-21 is different, inside and out.”

“The new [F-21] designation highlights our commitment to delivering an advanced, scalable fighter aircraft to the Indian Air Force that also provides unrivalled industrial opportunities and accelerates closer India-US cooperation on advanced technologies,” he added.

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Lockheed said that the Make in India opportunity the F-21 offers combines the strength of the world's largest defence contractor with India's premier industrial house to deliver a 'win-win' situation for India and the US.

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 1.05 lakh people worldwide.