Aarushi Muder Case: Supreme Court Admits To Hear CBI's Appeal Against Talwars' Acquittal

| August 10 , 2018 , 14:53 IST

The Supreme Court on Friday has admitted the appeal by the Central Bureau of Investigation against the acquittal of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in the murder of their daughter Arushi Talwar and domestic help Hemraj in the year 2008.

Earlier in March, the Central Bureau of Investigation had filed an appeal stating that the Allahabad High Court's decision in October last year was wrong on several counts.

A bench headed by Justice Ranajan Gogoi along with Justice KM Joseph and Justice Navin Sinha took up the matter.

The court has also issued a notice to the dentist couple, who were freed in October last year. Hemraj's wife Khumkala Banjade was the first to petition the court, saying the Talwars had been wrongly acquitted.

The suspicion in the murder of 14-year-old Aarushi initially fell on the 45-year-old Hemraj, as he had gone missing. But his body was found on the terrace of the house the next day.

Previous Verdicts

A CBI court at Ghaziabad sentenced the Talwars to life imprisonment on November 26, 2013, in connection with the case but the Allahabad High Court had freed them of the charges on the ground that they could not be held guilty on the basis of the evidence on record.

What is The Case?

Aarushi, 14, was found with her throat slit in her bedroom. A day later, the Talwars' domestic help Hemraj, who was from Nepal, was found dead on the roof of the house.

Insider's Job 

Investigators say the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder was an inside job because the apartment had not been broken into and the "last seen" principle indicts the Talwars because the victims were in their presence before they were killed.