‘Aadhaar’ Is Oxford’s First Hindi 'Word Of Year' For 2017

| January 28 , 2018 , 17:50 IST

‘Aadhaar’ is Oxford’s first Hindi word of the year, this was announced by Oxford Dictionaries at the Jaipur Literature Festival on Saturday, accompanying words, Notebandi, Swachh, Vikaas, Yoga and Bahubali, which reflect the social, cultural, political and economic trends that have been part of 2017. Other words such as Mitron, and Gau-Rakshak were also considered.

The 'Hindi Word of the Year' is a word or expression that has attracted great attention and reflects the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the past year, stated a press statement from Oxford University Press.

'Aadhaar' is a word long established in the Hindi language. However, it acquired a new meaning in 2010 as the shorthand name for the Aadhaar Card i.e. Unique Identification Numbers (UIN) introduced by the then government of India under Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. Regardless of individual views on 'Aadhaar', 2017 has certainly been the year where the word has become a focus of conversations across the country. This is why it has been chosen as Oxford Dictionaries Hindi Word of the Year, stated the release.

The official management of the Oxford Dictionaries Twitter wrote: "After reviewing the hundreds of public suggestions received, and consulting the opinions of an advisory panel of language experts, Oxford Dictionaries has chosen its first ever Hindi Word of the Year: Aadhaar."


Its not really a Hindi word. Hindi is first of all not an indigenous language of India. Its an Islamic imported language. Its nothing but Pakistani language masqueraded in Sanskrit lettering. Pakistan language people (i.e. Hindians) are claiming credit for other languages.