7-Year-Old Pradyuman Was Like Any Other Kid Who Loved Playing Outdoor Games

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| September 9 , 2017 , 15:15 IST

It was a usual day for everyone as the seven-year-old boy got ready to go to school. He was excited, it was his friend Sarvesh's birthday and he was going to distribute candies among the student with him.

Who knew, a killer was waiting for him in the school washroom.

According to reports, bus conductor Ashok Kumar was masturbating in the toilet when Pradyuman walked in on him. The bus conductor initially tried to sexually assault the kid, however, when he tried to raise alarm by shouting, the conductor silenced him slitting his throat with a knife. The cut ran from his ears to neck exposing the inner skin of his throat.

"Like any other day, he went to school bidding me bye," said his poor mother Jyoti Thakur. His father went to drop him off at the school. As he went in, "He waved at me and I waved back," said his father.

The mother told the media, "The moment my husband reached home, he received a call from the school that there's an emergency. We rushed to the hospital to learn that our son is no more."

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Pradyuman Thakur's family hails from Bihar's Madhubani, who moved with their two kids, a boy and a girl, to the Delhi-NCR city for a better life.

A media outlet reported victim's father Vinod Thakur saying, "They cut my poor boy. The doctors told me the killer stabbed him twice. There was a big scar starting from his ear to the throat. His ear had been cut, and two flaps of skin exposed the insides of his throat. I never thought I would see my son in such a condition.”

While the mother said, "He was beaten and someone even tore his clothes. This is how they killed my 7-year-old."

While other kids are more into mobile phones, "He loved playing with his bat and ball. He loved cycling. Every evening he would go for cycling with his friends and neighbours," his mother had said.

"My children were among the best students of the school, both in academics and also in co-curricular activities. They were well behaved and we never received any complaints against them," she said.

After the news broke out, people gathered outside the school protesting against the school's mismanagement. However, the school has claimed they took all necessary measures after the incident was discovered.

Parents have raised concerns over the safety of students.

Parents of another student asked, "How was the lower staff allowed to use the same toilet?" He said, "We pay a hefty amount for the facility of our kids not for drivers and conductors."

While some parents are also alleging a bigger game at play here saying, “We cannot digest the fact that a conductor kept the knife in his pocket accidentally. There is much more in the case which the police are trying to cover up.”