7 Highlights From Amit Shah's Maiden Speech In Rajya Sabha

| February 5 , 2018 , 18:06 IST

BJP President Amit Shah's maiden speech courted the congress at the Rajya Sabha on Monday. His speech started by attacking the opposition party over unemployment, citing it's better to sell 'pakodas' than to be unemployed.

Here are the key highlights from his address:

  • Pointing out the failures of Congress, Shah said that, “The government has spent much of its time filling up the ditch that we got”. “After we fill the ditch, please look at our achievements from a different perspective,” Shah added.
  • "I think it is better to be a labourer or sell 'pakodas' than to be unemployed. There is no shame in selling 'pakodas'," adding to this he asked, "if a person sells 'pakodas' and takes home Rs 200 every evening, will it be considered employment or not?"
  • Attacking Congress over employment crisis he reported, "55 years of your rule, who's fault is it?" "This problem didn't suddenly emerge," he charged.
  • Shah gave emphasis on Jan Dhan Yojana and reported it as one of the major successes, stating that "We have been able to open 31 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts", due to which every family has a bank account today. He said that before the BJP came to power, most families didn't have "even one bank account."
  • Amit Shah's Maiden speech, countered the Congress statement, referring the GST as 'Gabbar Singh Tax'. Questioning the same he asked, "Gabbar Singh was a Hindi film dacoit. How can you call a legal tax dacoity."
  • "Kashmir issue is a very crucial problem for the nation. Kashmir has never been so safe in the last 35 years. We handled the Kashmir issue very well," Shah reported confidently.
  • Keeping the Surgical strike in mind he added, " Surgical strike was a historic moment. World started seeing India from a different view. They realised that after America & Israel, India is the only country which can protect its soldiers & Army"