60 Lakh Fake Voters Registered For Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections, Alleges Congress

| June 3 , 2018 , 14:01 IST

Madhya Pradesh Congress State President Kamal Nath addressing a press conference on Sunday alleged that there are approximately 60 lakh fake voters registered for the upcoming Assembly Elections in the state.

The Congress also reached out to the Chief Election Commissioner regarding the discrepancies in the voters list, asking the Election Commission to take action against the "duplicate, repeat, multiple, illegal, invalid, false etc. Entries/voters in the electoral rolls of Madhya Pradesh, for assembly elections, 2018."

In view of past inconsistencies, various teams of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee and independent researchers conducted a comprehensive and detailed scrutiny of the Electoral Rolls published on January 1 this year for most of the assembly constituencies in Madhya Pradesh.

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"We've provided evidence to the Election Commission that there are approximately 60 Lakh fake voters registered in the voting list. These names have been deliberately registered in the list," Congress chief for Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath said.

"This has been done by BJP. How is it possible that population increased by 24% in 10 yrs but number of voters increased by 40%? We scrutinised list in all constituencies, 1 voter's registered in 26 lists, there are similar cases in other places too," said Jyotiraditya Scindia, Congress MP from Madhya Pradesh's Guna.

In the letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, the MPCC requested the Election Commission to " enquire into the irregularities and discrepancies; take strict and prompt action in the said matter against the concerned officials of the State Government & BJP leaders/office bearers for concerting a sustained effort to duplicate/manipulate the electoral rolls and for jeopardizing free and fair Assembly Elections in the State of Madhya Pradesh."

Elections of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly are scheduled to take place this year for 230 constituencies in the state before the tenure of the current BJP government ends on January 7, 2019.