5 Day Police Custody For Parents Not Sending Kids To School: UP Minister

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| October 9 , 2017 , 09:55 IST

Illiteracy is undoubtedly a major problem for the nation, coupled by the massive population. In efforts for greater literacy, the government has rolled out several schemes to encourage children from economically weaker backgrounds to attend school, however, if the children still do not attend what can be done?

An Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister Om Prakash Rajbhar has taken a strong and controversial stand on the matter, by threatening to lock up parents in police stations for 5 days without food and water if they do not send their children to school.

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Minister of the Department of Backward Classes Welfare and the Department of Disabled People development, Rajbhar addressed a party gathering speaking against those who failed to send their kids to school. A video of Rajbhar's address has since then gone viral.

"I am going to enact a law of my choice. If wards of poor do not go to school, their parents will be forced to sit in police stations for five days. They will neither be given food nor water," Rajbhar said.

"If you (parents) do not send them (children) to school, you will be picked up by police... Till now your leader, your son, your brother was trying to make you understand. If you do not pay heed, I will continue to make you understand for six months more," he said.

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"I am even ready for capital punishment for this," Rajbhar added.

As the video triggered controversy, Rajbhar maintained his statement.

"I stick to my statement. What wrong am I saying if I am threatening to send them to jail? Why are they not sending children to schools when the government is providing all facilities for education," he asked.

Watch Rajbhar below:

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has reportedly not yet responded to Rajbhar's statements.