4 Noida Policemen Suspended For Conducting 'Fake' Encounter

| February 4 , 2018 , 16:27 IST

Love Kumar SSP of Noida clarified the news of fake encounter in front of the media on Sunday. He said that the shooting incident with took place on Saturday night in Sector 122 is 'certainly not a case of an encounter.'

Kumar said, "The 4 policemen have been suspended with immediate effect. We have seized service revolver of the sub-inspector who fired the gunshots and sent him to jail."

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Kumar said prima facie it seems to be a case of personal enmity and the police is verifying everything.

Giving details on the encounter he said it was found the trainee sub-inspector knew the elder brother of the man who was shot.

He said that the trainee sub-inspector has been sent to jail and the investigation is going on determining the role of other three policemen, of which two are the constables and one is sub-inspector. All 4 of them remain suspended, he added.

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SSP said, "Staff communicated to me that there had been some argument with the man (who was shot) during which the sub-inspector shot at him and they are taking him to the hospital."

The case is reported on Saturday night when 2 youth was shot by the Police in Sector 122, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The family of one of the victims described this as 'fake encounter.'