After Rescue Of 41 Girls In Delhi, 33 Women Found In 'Godman' Virendra Dev Dikshit's UP Ashrams

| December 24 , 2017 , 11:36 IST

Self-proclaimed 'godman' Virendra Dev Dikshit whose Delhi Ashram in Rohini was raided on December 22 to rescue 41 girls trapped there, had two of his Ashram's raided in UP, resulting in the discovery of a maze of secret chambers and 33 women.

Policemen raided 2 ashrams belonging to absconding godman Virendra Dev Dixit's Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya in Kampil and Farrukhabad, where they found 33 women and 12 men cooped up inside. The women in the Ashrams were found to be from UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Nepal.

"The operation to take out the occupants of the ashram started at around 7 am both at Kampil's Chaudharain Colony and Sikatarbagh in Farrukhabad city. Expecting resistance, heavy police force was roped in. The elder women (who are called 'sisters' in the ashram) initially refused to open the metal door, but later they gave in under police pressure and let us in," a police officer disclosed anonymously.

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"The three-storey building of the ashram in Sikatarbagh had over a dozen dark and small congested chambers underground, with maze-like lanes which were bolted with heavy iron shutters. One has to either walk on knees or bend down to enter the chambers. Each chamber has a staircase leading inside, but was empty," he said.

"Even the rooms on the upper floors have been constructed in such a way that they look more like a web of haunted rooms rather than a place where people live. The women were sleeping on the cold floor on mats. All the windows of the building have iron grills and are placed high up on the walls," the officer added.

A 25-year-old resident of Kushinagar district identified as Sangeeta found at the Sikatarbagh ashram did not reply on facing any harassment.

"My parents left me here five years ago and since then I have been gaining spiritual knowledge," she said.

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Superintendent of police, Farrukhabad, Mrigendra Singh said, "None of the women have said they suffered any harassment or assault, but we will conduct their medical examinations and present them in front of a magistrate so that their statements are taken. We are not sure about the purpose of the underground chambers. We are still investigating the ashrams."

The women initially protested against undergoing a medical examination.

Two FIRs were filed in Kampil and Farukhabad city police stations under section 368 (wrongfully concealing or keeping confined a kidnapped or abducted person) on the basis of written complaints filed by local residents living opposite the ashrams. In the FIRs the residents alleged that women in the ashram were confined against their will and "cries for help" could be heard from both buildings over the years.

Virendra Dev Dixit gained infamy when he was reported as being obsessed with having 16,000 female followers.

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