26 Parents In Hyderabad Sent Behind Bars For Letting Their Minor Kids Drive

| April 27 , 2018 , 15:45 IST

In view of the increase in a number of incidents of minors getting involved in accidents, Hyderabad Traffic Police took charge and started arresting the parents of the minors for letting their kids drive, media reported on Friday.

A total of 273 cases have been registered by Hyderabad Traffic Police between March and April 23 against minors driving vehicles and 26 parents have also been imprisoned for the offence in March and April. While 20 parents were jailed for letting minors drive in the month of March, 6 parents were jailed till April 23.  

"A minor was sent to jail for one month and we are continuing this drive to send a message to society that minor should not be allowed to drive because driving not only endangers their life but others too," said Anil Kumar Additional Commissioner Of Police(Traffic).

A full-fledged program has been evolved by the Hyderabad Traffic Police on how to enlighten and counsel both the children and the parents. Compulsory counselling sessions are provided as well as registering of First Information Reports or FIRs.

Earlier this week, four second-year Engineering students partied at the pub and then drove the four-wheeler on the pavement, killing 48-year-old Ashok, a cobbler sleeping on the pavement with his son Mahesh in Kushaiguda. Police denied the girls had consumed alcohol. One of the girls in the car was the daughter of the city police inspector.