1995 Tandoor Case: Delhi HC Orders Immediate Release Of Convict Sushil Sharma

| December 21 , 2018 , 17:14 IST

The Delhi High Court on Friday directed authorities to immediately release former youth Congress leader Sushil Sharma, who was serving a life sentence for killing his wife Naina Sahni in 1995.

According to the police, he chopped Naina's body and attempted to destroy the remains by burning the chopped parts in a tandoor. This led to Naina Sahni's murder being referred to as 'tandoor murder' in the media. It is one of the landmark cases in India in which DNA evidence and a second autopsy were used to establish the guilt of the accused.

After the Delhi government rejected his premature release from jail, Sharma approached the Delhi High Court for relief.

Sushil Sharma, 56, a former youth Congress leader, had asked the court to free him on the grounds that he had spent 29 years in jail, including the period of remission and was entitled to premature release in accordance with Sentence Review Board guidelines.

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A bench of Justices Siddharth Mridul and Sangita Dhingra Sehgal expressed displeasure over Sharma’s stay in jail and asked authorities whether a person could be allowed to be kept in prison indefinitely for the offense of murder, even if he has already served the sentence.

He also said he needed to look after his parents, both over 80 and suffering from various ailments.