15 Accused Of Lynching Akhlaq To Death Get Jobs At NTPC

| October 14 , 2017 , 16:03 IST

Fifteen of the youths accused of lynching Mohammad Akhlaq in Bishahra village of Dadri over suspicion of storing beef in his house have got contractual jobs with NTPC Limited. Their recruitment was facilitated by the local BJP MLA Tejpal Nagar with senior NTPC officials on October 9.

The accused had secured bail from various courts, including the Allahabad High Court, over the last six months.

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The employment offer is part of NTPC’s scheme to offer opportunities to people affected by its projects. Bishahra is located in the vicinity of an NTPC plant for which land was acquired three decades ago from many villagers.

According to a report in The Hindu, an NTPC spokesperson has confirmed the job offer to the youths but said that it had nothing to do with Akhlaq’s lynching adding that contractual jobs have been offered to many residents of Bishahra because it is the NTPC’s policy to give jobs to all project-affected persons based on their qualification and expertise.

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The local MLA Nagar said he had urged the NTPC management to provide jobs to the youths on contractual basis terming the murder accused as “innocents” saying they deserved a “better deal”.

Moreover, the family of Ravin Sisodia, one of the murder accused who had died in jail of multiple organ failure, is soon likely to get Rs 8 lakh compensation.

Speaking to the media Nagar said,  “The boy who died (Ravin Sisodia), his wife will get a job in a primary school within a month and a compensation of Rs 8 lakh, of which Rs 5 lakh will be a single payment and the rest will come from collections made at local level”