12-Year-Old In Madhya Pradesh Slapped 168 Times By A Classmate Instructed By Teacher

| January 28 , 2018 , 17:14 IST

A class 6th girl was allegedly slapped by a fellow student, 168 times over a period of 6 days (January 11 to 16), following the instructions of the teachers at Navodaya school in Thandla, Jhabhu district of Madhya Pradesh as she had not completed homework.

The incident was reported when the father of the girl complained to school authorities and police about the occurrence.

The principle of Navodya Vidyalaya K Sagar termed it as "friendly" punishment. He said "They were not strong slaps but mild and friendly ones. We will also talk to the parents."

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He added, "We don't allow corporal punishment in the school. The girl is weak in studies and doesn't complete her assignments". By taking the side of the teacher he said, the teacher chose this punishment to improve her performance in school as she is weak in her studies.

As per the police reports, the science teacher of the school, Manoj Kumar Verma on January 11, ordered a student to slap the girl as a form of punishment for not completing the homework that was given by him.

In his report, the father also mentioned that a couple of days ago his daughter fell ill and was not able to attend the class, and was also unable to complete her homework. He alleged that school was aware of the illness of his daughter.

SS Baghel, police in-charge at Thandla police station said that complaint had been received but no injury was found during the medical examination of the girl.

"We had received a complaint. No injury was found during the medical examination of the girl. Our team also visited the school and found that such an incident had occurred. We are investigating further. However, no formal case has been registered so far," he said.

District Collector Ashish Saxena said that issue had come to his knowledge and he had ordered an investigation in his statement.