Hyderabad: Forced To Stand In Boys Toilet For Wrong Uniform, 11-Year-Old Girl Traumatised

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| September 11 , 2017 , 12:57 IST

An 11-year-old school girl was forced to stand inside the boys' toilet at the Rao’s High School near BHEL in Hyderabad because she was not wearing the proper uniform. After the incident, the traumatised girl has refused to return to the school.

"When I was walking up to my class room; my PT teacher stopped me and enquired about my uniform. I told the truth that my mother washed it so I could not wear the uniform. I also tried to explain that my parents have written a note in my school diary for the excuse. However, the teacher did not listen to me and continued to shout. She later pulled me to the boys' toilet and made me stand there," the victim told a news agency.

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"I got scared and didn't say anything. There were 2-3 teachers including English teachers and tenth class Telugu teacher," the victim said.

Relating the incident to her father, the girl said, "Standard IV students saw me and laughed. After sometime, my PT teacher allowed me to go back to the class and asked to not repeat the mistake. Later, she discussed the matter with other teachers too. I have decided that I won't go back to the school."

After the incident, several child rights activists have demanded a case be registered against the school under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

"We want to press criminal charges against the school and teachers. How can they act in such an insensitive manner," said child rights activist Achyuta Rao.