Shocking! 11-Year-Old Girl Starves To Death In Jharkhand For Lack Of Aadhar

| October 16 , 2017 , 13:36 IST

Eleven-year-old Santoshi Kumari allegedly died of starvation on 28 September, after going without food for eight days. While the girl’s family and activists allege that she died of starvation, government officials claim that she died of malaria.

Local media reports Simdega's Karimati village, the local dealer refused to give ration to Santoshi’s family, saying that their ration card wasn't linked to Aadhaar and hence was no longer valid. The family does not have Aadhaar cards.

On 27 September 2017, Dheeraj Kumar an activist from ‘Right to Food Campaign’ tweeted pictures of applications from villagers requesting for new cards as their PDS cards were annulled and they stopped getting rations.

As per local media reports, the ration dealer stated that victim’s mother was denied ration as her name did not figure in the list of beneficiaries after the e-posh system came in effect possibly because she did not have an Aadhar card. Reports suggest that 10 names were taken off the lack because of lack of Aadhar.  The victim’s family did not receive any ration for 7 months.

Incidentally, complaints were made against the dealer at the DC’s janata darbar before Santoshi’s death at multiple occasions but no action was taken.

Activists had placed a request for a new card explaining the circumstances, but the card arrived two weeks after Santoshi's death.

In February this year, the Centre made it mandatory to have Aadhaar numbers to access subsidised ration under the Public Distribution System (PDS).

According to reports, the deceased did not get the mid-day meals that she usually had access to because of Durga Puja holidays.