107-Year-Old Fan Gets A Personal Phone Call From Rahul Gandhi On Her Birthday

| December 26 , 2017 , 09:14 IST

A 107-year-old woman who wished to meet Congress president Rahul Gandhi on her birthday, received an unexpected gift when the famous politico personally called her to wish her a happy birthday.

A Bangalore-based woman Dipali Sikand tweeted a picture of her grandmother on her 107 birthday to Rahul Gandhi, explaining that her grandmother's one wish is to meet Rahul, because he's 'handsome' and the Congress scion replied personally.

"Today my grandmother turned 107.  Her one wish.  To meet @OfficeOfRG  Rahul Gandhi !  I asked her why? She whispers ...   He's handsome!" Dipali tweeted, tagging Rahul Gandhi's twitter handle 'OfficeOfRG'.  

In response, Rahul Gandhi wished Dipali's grandmother a happy birthday and merry Christmas, sending along a hug as well.

"Dear Dipali, Please wish your beautiful grandmother a very happy birthday and a merry Xmas. Please also give her a big hug from me. Best, Rahul," he tweeted.

Dipali later revealed, that apart from the Twitter wish, Rahul Gandhi called and personally wished her grandmother a happy birthday. Dipali termed his act 'True Humaness' in a tweet.

"And as if this was not enough @OfficeOfRG  Mr.Gandhi called and personally wished my Nani!! This is #TrueHumaness.  Thank you all of you for the blessings for her . Each one of them matter," Dipali tweeted.

The new Congress president Rahul Gandhi extensively campaigning in Gujarat ahead of the state elections, and while the party was not able to secure a majority in the state considered to be a stronghold of the BJP, the Congress managed to win an impressive 77 seats, largely credited to Rahul Gandhi's efforts.

On the occasion of the official ceremony of Rahul Gandhi becoming Congress president, masses of people gathered and celebrated, indicating the massive popularity he has garnered.