1,430 Maharashtra Police Bulletproof Jackets Fail AK-47 Bullet Test

| February 4 , 2018 , 15:31 IST

In modern times of increasingly common gunshot firings, security forces have taken to wearing bullet-proof jackets to prevent fatal injuries. The Maharashtra Police, in the aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks received a total of 4,600 bulletproof jackets out of which 1,430 had to be returned to their manufacturer as they failed the AK-46 bullet test during trials.

"We have sent back more than 1400 bulletproof jackets to their manufacturer as they did not pass our test with AK-47 bullets," Additional Director General of Police (Procurement and Coordination), V V Laxminarayana said to PTI.

The jackets that failed the test and had to be returned to the Kanpur-based manufacturer reportedly belonged to 3 different batches.

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"We have asked the manufacturer to replace the 1,430 jackets with a fresh stock. There will be no compromise on the quality and standards of the bulletproof jackets and we will take a delivery from the same manufacturer after testing those bulletproof jackets again," an official said.

The police department had initially ordered 5,000 bullet-proof vests from the manufacturer at a total cost of Rs 17 crore but received 4,600 pieces due to customs duty and other charges.

The trials for the bullet-proof jackets were conducted at the Chandigarh-based Central Forensic Science Laboratory with only 3,000 jackets passing the test and 1,430 jackets failing as AK-47 bullets were able to penetrate them.

Quality of bullet-proof jackets came under scrutiny after the 2008 terror attacks when ATS chief Hemant Karkare was seen putting on the bulletproof vests as he left for south Mumbai during the terrorist attacks but was killed despite their protection.

Due to the controversy, not many companies were willing to supply the jackets when multiple tenders were floated by the Maharashtra Police after the 2008 attacks. After finding a willing supplier, the state police began receiving the consignment of the bullet-proof jackets in the last quarter of 2017.