Vinod Kambli's Wife Andrea Hewitt Accuses Singer Ankit Tiwari's Father Of Touching Her

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| July 2 , 2018 , 13:55 IST

Vinod Kambli's wife, Andrea Hewitt accused Singer Ankit Tiwari's father R.K Tiwari of touching her inappropriately at the Inorbit Mall in Mumbai’s Malad on Sunday.

After the incident, Vinod Kambli wrote on Twitter, "Some miscreants tried to touch my wife inappropriately, When questioned, brought his sons n tried to come to blows. Sadly, Women safety on question once again."

Andrea said, "the singer's father brushed his hands against her in an inappropriate manner". This led a big drama inside the mall where on one side it was Vinod Kambli and his wife and on the other side Ankit Tiwari, his father, and his brother. 

In a media report, Kambli explained the incident, “We were at the Game Zone in the mall around 3 pm when my wife caught hold of an old man’s hand. He had deliberately brushed his hand against her and when she caught him in the act, he pushed her away. Minutes later when we were at the food court, two men, who we assume were the man’s sons, tried to attack my wife. When I told them to back off, they told me, ‘You don’t know who we are.”

Kambli’s wife, Andrea, “When I caught his hand, I was surprised to see this old man. He appeared embarrassed because I had caught him red-handed. He appeared scared, and said something in Hindi, on the lines that ‘I cannot do something like this. The inappropriate touching ka zamaana is over. Such things should be dealt with strictly.”

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Reports also quoted Ankit Tiwari brother, Ankur who were also present in the mall had told a different story, “Vinod Kambli was abusing us loudly. I asked him to speak to me politely, but he kept pushing me. His wife pushed me too. When I tried calling up the police, he snatched my phone,”

Both the parties have lodged complaints against each other at Bangur Nagar police.