Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: Amit Shah Predicts BJP's Government In The State, Targets Congress

| December 5 , 2018 , 14:59 IST

BJP's party President Amit Shah predicting that his party would form a government with full majority targeted the Congress while holding a press conference in Jaipur on Wednesday as a part of campaigning in Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018.

He claimed that that the Congress has fought the election on caste issues and dynasty. He also targeted the party for promoting members of one family, but said that BJP promotes those who work hard. while the BJP had advocated development and upliftment of the people.

BJP president Amit Shah expressed confidence that the BJP will form the government in Rajasthan with full majority.

He said, "After seeing the way campaigning went on in Rajasthan, I am confident that the BJP will win Rajasthan with a full majority."

The BJP conducted 15 roadshows and 222 big meetings in Rajasthan during its campaign for another term in office, he said.

Amit Shah lists the achievements of the BJP-led government since coming to power in 2014. He said the party, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has helped the state to develop.

When asked about the Opposition's claim that the alleged middleman in the Agusta Westland scam, Christian Michel, was extradited to take the limelight away from other issues. To this, Shah counter-questioned,"Shouldn't we be catching the middleman involved in the scam? Is it not important?"

On Bulandshahr violence, Shah said that it would be unfair to politicise the issue. He added that the report from the Special Investigation Team report will paint a clearer picture.

“The number of those who filed income tax doubled after demonetisation,” the party president added.

Rajasthan and Telangana are set to go to polls December 7. Voting for Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram assembly election took place in November. The results for all the five state will be declared on December 11.

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