'Our Fight Is For Kashmir, Not Against Kashmiris,' Says PM Modi In Rajasthan's Tonk 

| February 23 , 2019 , 16:46 IST

Ahead of Lok Sabha elections 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Rajasthan's Tonk on Saturday. He addressed a public meeting in Tonk and later he is scheduled to address public meetings in Jaipur.

Speaking about the Pulwama terror attack, PM Modi said, “No peace can prevail in the world till the time the factory of terror is running. If it is in my fate to end this factory of terror, so be it. This is above party politics."

"After the Pulwama attack, you must have seen how we are avenging. Because of our new policies, Pakistan is going through a hard time. This is a new India, we will not tolerate the pain and stay quite,” he added.

Addressing the rally PM Modi said, “Our fight is for Kashmir, it is not against Kashmir, not against Kashmiris. We have given the forces a free hand to hit back. Our fight is against terrorism. We won’t keep quiet, we know how to crush terrorism.”

“I had told the sarpanches in the Kashmir Valley, so please make sure that no schools are burnt in the acts of terrorism in Kashmir and they promised me they would not let any schools be burnt, even if that comes at the cost of sacrificing their lives," he added.

Now, I am proud to say that no school in the Kashmir Valley has been destroyed in the past two years,” said PM Modi.

Slamming the Pak supporters Modi said, “It upsets me that some people living in the country speak the language of Pakistan. These are the people who went to Pakistan and said “do anything, but remove Modi from power,” these are the people who could not give an answer to those who led the terror attack in Mumbai.”

The Prime Minister further said, “As per the protocol, I had called up the new prime minister of Pakistan to congratulate him. I said that we have fought enough, so now let’s join hands to eradicate poverty and let’s fight against illiteracy."

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However, now is the time to test how he keeps his word,” said PM Narendra Modi while addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Tonk.

He also said, "One rank-one pension’ scheme which was lying unimplemented for years, was brought into action by our government."

"We also gave over Rs 11,000 crore in form of arrears to over 20 lakh retired soldiers,” he added.

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A CRPF convoy carrying about 2500 jawans was on its way by road on Jammu- Srinagar highway on 14 February 2019 when at about 3.15 PM , one of its bus was hit by a suicide attack through an IED blast said to have been triggered from a four wheeler vehicle driven in between two CRPF buses in Awantipura , Pulwama District of J&K. The gruesome ferocious scene at the site of the blast makes one to shudder. About 40 or so precious brave soldiers were martyred while many were injured. Our brave security forces are on the task to search the area to finish the coward- attackers. The killings have put the nation into gloom. Pray for peace to the departed souls while also pray for spiritual strength to the family members left behind by them. It goes without saying that nation is with them. Relevant to this happening , a reference is invited to this Vedic astrology writer’s alert for more care and appropriate strategy through article - “ The Year 2019 Astrologically for India” - published as early as last year on 7 October , 2018 at The alert in the article reads like this in the article :- “ February - March 2019. These nearly two months appear to be calling for more care and appropriate strategy in relation to more than one front. Be on guard against war or war -like postures of China and Pakistan…………It may be alright to be alert while dealing with or storing or handling fire , gas , chemicals , venom , explosives , hydropower or energy sources. Similar alertness may be exercised while driving on road……Some major accident on road or landslide cannot be ruled out. Human malice may be at its height in operation. …………………States in the northern India like …..J&K…….could take cues for more care and appropriate strategy in the aforesaid areas of life”. Later and separately in November 2018 , while repeating the alert on countless times at number of places through comments , through social media , Youtube , through communications to newspapers by email , the prediction was made more precise and closer by adding that such more care and appropriate strategy may be called for during February -March 2019 on 14 February , 22 February and 3 March or around a day prior or after. So the alert was complete and beyond doubt for reading between the lines. The latest emails communicating aforesaid with dates to some newspapers were sent on 6 February 2019 and 13 -14 February 2019.

kushal kumar

India is passing through major worrisome times following terror attack on CRPF convoy at Awantipura in Pulwama District , J&K on 14 February 2019 in which over 40 jawans were martyred while many were injured. This Vedic astrology writer had alerted of something of the kind in J&K through article - “ The Year 2019 Astrologically for India” - published as early as last year on 7 October , 2018 at Later in November , 2018 , the alert of major worrisome concern was brought more closer to 14 February or around , 22 February or around and 3 February or around in 2019. This was also brought to focus adequately through emails to several newspapers , Youtube , comments digitally here and there. It seems the alert has been precise and meaningful.