#MeToo Lands To Cricket After BCCI Chief Rahul Johri Accused For Sexual Harassment

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| October 13 , 2018 , 17:56 IST

The #MeToo Movement has now moved to the world of Cricket, after fresh allegation of sexual assault on BCCI Chairman Rahul Johri. The matter came into light after author Harnidh Kaur shared screenshots of a detailed account of the victim on her Twitter handle.

After the fresh allegations against Johri, Committee of Administrators of the BCCI asked him to submit his explanation within a week over the sexual harassment allegations made against him.

Kaur in her tweets, sharing detailed account of the incident in the form of a series of screenshots of a mail, wrote, “Had emails sent about a BUNCH of head honchos in media. Survivor has asked to not put out all the names. Rahul Johari, your times up.”

The victim’s mail read, “Rahul was an ex-colleague. Through the times of partying at Raj's house, then building a successful media business and then wading through channels, Rahul kept in touch with me. He would ask - how are you, and then- let's do coffee.  

The mail further read, “One evening, around my difficult time at the new channel - he invited me for a coffee at Hyatt. I had been refusing going out with him for quite some time now and that day I thought I should perhaps say yes.”

In the house, after she asked for water, he came to her with his pants down and assaulted her. "Till date I have borne the burden of this sordid incident, blaming myself for this -- I have wondered if I had showed I was needy, I don't think so but it's all hazy and confused in my head.”

She further wrote,"For years, I have told myself that was so cheap of me but the truth is, it was so sudden and so manipulated that I had no chance at even knowing what the hell this was.”