World Music Day: Perfect Occasion To Listen To Some Live Music

| June 21 , 2018 , 15:53 IST

Music brings the world closer, another way of using sound to communicate. Not just with words, but there are notes, songs and tunes to express every emotion. Music can tell an emotional story on its own. Sound can reach right past the thinking mind or word mind and stab deep into emotional, subliminal mind. Just briefly like on the importance of the human breath and heartbeat. If you consciously listen for references to this in the music you find the most powerful meaning.

To mark its significance we celebrate 'The Fete de la Musique', also known as 'World Music Day' on June 21 every year. It is said that former French Minister of Culture Jack Lang conceived the idea of music through this fest during his tenure.

The day is to shed lights on the importance of music and how it not only connects the world together but a way to express feelings that one might be feeling hard to express and being able to relate to people. 

Around 150 artists from over 16 countries, including France, USA, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Thailand and India, will be performing at multiple venues across the city of Udaipur this year. The line-up promises to be an enthralling one. From Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy to Txarango, a Catalan fusion band, performing at the fest, the event promises to bring a bouquet of culturally-diverse music on a platter.

On Music Day, the citizens of a city or country our country are allowed and urged to play music outside in their neighbourhoods. Free concerts are organized, where musicians lay for fun and not for payment.

To mark the day, this week musical extravaganza will come together with music bands from different colleges to perform live sets to places

Do you find yourself constantly rocking out to jams from local bands and artists? Well, this festival is just for you! If you’re up for some good vibes and great tracks, make your way to DLF Place. The upcoming World Music Day is the perfect occasion to listen to some live music and DLF Place got the right gigs for you to check out from 21st-24th June 2018.

DATE: 21st June- 24th June 2018

TIME: 4pm- 7pm

VENUE: DLF Place, Saket 

DLF promenade is organizing the event with a weekend full of different music genres like Retro, R&B, house, commercial and a variety of music performances along with amazing food and drinks to aggrandize the whole vibe and experience. Visit DLF Promenade this weekend and get lost in the beats and serenity of the music.


Artist Name


June 21st

World Folk Essemble

Indie, Folk, World music 

June 21st


Hindustani House and trap

June 22nd

Sangeeta Bhattacharya( Trio)

Jazz, R&B, Commercial

June 22nd

Kern Dalton collective (Trio)

Rock n roll, Retro

June 23rd

Sejal Morris (Trio)

Pop/ Commercial

June 23rd

Flat 7 (Semi Acapella)


June 24th


Pop commercial and Hindi mashup


June 24th

Future Culture

House, percussion


What- World Music Day celebrations

When- June 21-24, 2018

Where- Main auditorium, DLF Promenade Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj

Time- 4:30 onwards

ticket price-free

Bollywood Night- Don't miss a breath and grove all night to all the desi beats of Bollywood this Saturday at Bollywood Bistro.

What- Bollywood Night

When- 23rd

where- Club Road, Punjabi Bagh

Time-4:00 onwards.

Ticket price- free

SNS live presents a tribute to Coldplay with Chizai

When a band like Chizai that is known for their renditions on songs ranging from originals to covers, comes together to pay tribute to the magical “Coldplay” music takes a different high. Known for their perfect harmony with vocals and instruments, they are all set to create an evening to remember with their take in the most famous Coldplay songs. So if you are a fan of Coldplay then this is an evening that you will not only enjoy but remember! Calling all Coldplay fans in the house.

When- Saturday 23

Where-Saints N  Sinners, Delhi

time-9:00 Pm-11:30 pm

Ticket fee- Rs. 249 onwards