World Health Day: Falling Sick In India Must Be Expensive, Isn't It?

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| April 7 , 2018 , 13:42 IST

As the world celebrates the 70th International Health Day initiated by World Health Organisation (WHO) to create global health awareness, let us get some facts clear. Getting sick in India is not easy and more than often leaves a huge dent in the pocket of family's bread earner.

This year's theme - Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere - shall force you to ponder upon its applicability in India. Getting a proper medical treatment here often leaves the user with financial distress, prompting them to avoid receiving healthcare services until needed extremely.

While the theme's basic objective is to provide every person in need with medical services, irrespective of their purchasing capacity, Indian statistics sadly reveal some awful facts. Unlike what's expected, the government doesn't spend as much as it should for the development of Health sector.

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According to the 2014-2015 figures, 2.43% of India's GDP comes from the medical expenses spent by patients amounting to Rs 3,02,425 crore whereas government only spends 1.1% of GDP on the health sector, which amounts to Rs 1,39,949 crore, that is only 29% of India's total health expense.

WHO clearly prompts the government to alleviate the financial budget associated with healthcare while making individual access to these services easier but have we noted any improvement? Hardly! Lack of doctors in India is also another reason for the increasing hospitalisation costs.

Incidentally, only 1 doctor is available for over 2,000 patients misbalancing the ratio widely. Most of the Indians are unable to meet the high medical bills as they kept refraining from investing in medical insurance throughout their lives. Join the 43.7 crore Indians and become financially protected from the unaffordable medical services via medical insurance.