Wearing Right Make-up To Workplace Really Matters!

| September 18 , 2017 , 16:37 IST

It is really important to look professionally fashionable now-a-days. In the world of corporate, it’s too important to be presentable from head to toe. Coming to the workplace, most of us always prefer to deck up in formals with a suitable handbag and matching footwear. Formal outfits only complete 50% of work, the rest is done by proper facial and hair makeup.

It is important to carry the right makeup for the work place. These days, there are many top branded cosmetics available in the market including matte makeup products which are suitable for the office. So, the procedure of looking perfect for work has become easy, we just need to choose carefully.

Know all here, how to put up the right makeup at the work place.

Clean Up:

It is important to remember that makeup always looks good on the clean face. So before applying any makeup cosmetics, it is important to clean the face with a good cleanser that removes the dirt with deep cleansing. After cleansing, apply some moisturizer to keep your skin look healthy and moisturized.

Apply Foundation:

As speaking about work place, remember do not choose a glittery foundation instead Matte foundation is preferred. It is better to apply the concealer first to cover the dark spots and dark circles then go for foundation. Point to remember, choose the concealers and foundation shade according to your skin tone.

Eye Makeup

Don’t go for heavy eye-makeup. Waterproof eye liner is the best to be picked for eyes. Neutral tones are always suggested for office. Apply good mascara so that the eyelashes do not look messy, it also adds a dramatic effect and retains the freshness on the face. Some eye makeup is important for work place to make eyes look big and presentable, it also adds freshness to the face.

Designing Lip

After eye makeup, the other important step is to design lip. For work place, never go for dark and bright shades while choosing lip-sticks. Nude shades or light pink shade are the best. Before applying lipstick, first moisturize the lip with some moisture cream, then the second step comes to design the lip with good lip liner and lastly apply lipstick. Following the steps will help in showcasing the good lip shape and the lipstick will last for a long time on the lip.

Hairs To Be

Last but not the least! Bad hairs can spoil the entire look. Well combed hairs, well tied using hair clips suit the corporate fashion. Hairs should not come on the face, one might get distracted. The whole smartness can be gained by tying the hairs well. Now-a-days, different types of buns are trending, one can try those different styles. A pony or pleats can also be the best option.

Try these simple few steps to look best at your work place!

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