We Welcome Supreme Court's Firecracker Ban, Here's Why You Should Too!

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| October 15 , 2017 , 11:19 IST

In an appreciative decision, Supreme Court banned the sales of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR with effect from October 9 till November 1. The decision was taken in wake of a petition which requested the apex court to restore last year's ban.

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The ban was restored keeping in mind that a number of firecrackers that are burst during festive season add to the already alarming levels of air pollution in Delhi. Though, some people didn't agree with the SC decision and raised their voice against it through the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

Here are the reasons why the ban on the sales of Firecrackers is justified:

1. Pollution

No Delhihite who has seen the capital wrapped in the blanket of harmful smog in 2016 can forget the scenario when they were unable to commute on city roads due to the zero visibility. Firecrackers leave behind a hazardous mix of toxic gases which can lead to many respiratory problems.

2. Garbage

While Narendra Modi's 'Swachch Bharat Abhiyan' promotes cleanliness, firecrackers leave behind the huge piles of garbage on streets which take days to get cleaned. The waste spread out on streets not only serves as road blockers but also an invitation to diseases which are always ready to knock us over.

3. Accidents

Fire-related accidents are very common during Diwali. Indians already face so many road accidents every year then why add one more hazard to your life? A few minutes of joy while bursting the firecrackers can leave behind life-long burn marks and breathing disorders, not to forget the noise pollution it causes.

4. Health Hazards

Firecrackers not just cause respiratory disorders and heart issues but also affect the mental health. Many people have reported having suffered from headaches and throat infection. Patients with anxiety and high blood pressure are more than likely to feel uneasiness due to firecrackers bursting.

5. Animal health

While the others are enjoying their time by bursting crackers, it is the harmless and helpless animals who have to face the consequences. The animals, either pets or stray are extremely confused and anxious during Diwali and keep trying to get away from the unbearable sounds.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee confirmed that the Pollution Meter reached 999 last year that too 16 times over the safe limit of 60 during Diwali season. Also, over 133 accidents were reported during the festival. In the nutshell, the decision by Supreme Court on firecracker ban is more than welcome.