3 Ways Women Experience Orgasms Differently From Men

| September 19 , 2015 , 11:00 IST
One question that often hits our minds – Is male and female orgasm the same? It’s a fair discussion as both the sexes follow different arousal patterns. Women generally scream and grab things, while men let it out with just a single ‘Ahh’.  However, according to science there is no difference at all. There might be little more similarities than we think. Some sources have also reported that even trained experts could never find any difference between a male and a female orgasm. So, it looks like there is no gender-specific difference in orgasms. Nevertheless, there are a few distinct differences between the two sexes while experiencing orgasms physically. Though, all women and men don’t experience it in a similar manner, we’re talking in generalities. Here’s a lowdown of a few ways most women experience orgasm differently from men.

Females Experience Multiple Orgasms

Females Experience Multiple Orgasms After ejaculation, men go into a refractory period, which is a period when men physically are not able to get an erection again for few minutes to some days. On the other hand, women don’t experience any such duration, therefore they can go for another intercourse session at any point again. However, if men don’t ejaculate, they’re more likely to orgasm again and again.

Most Women Don’t Ejaculate

7 Most men ejaculate during orgasm, while most women don’t. Sometime women do ejaculate, but it’s different from men. When women do ejaculate, it is called squirting. Though it is not clear of what female ejaculate is made of, the thing is obviously different from male ejaculate.

How Men & Women Get Orgasm<strong

How Men & Women Get Orgasm For women, it is about foreplay, and stimulating the right spots can help in a prolong intercourse. Also, clitoris and breasts play important roles in longer orgasm. While for men dirty talks, interrupted sex and massaging the prostate are important to stick them to the bed for long.

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