Live In Concert: The One And Only AR Rahman With The Sufi Route!

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| November 17 , 2017 , 15:28 IST

Music maestro AR Rahman is all ready to greet the music lovers in a live concert at Qutub Minar on November 18. Celebrated musicians Nooran sisters, Mukhtiar Ali, Hans Raj Hans, Konya Turkish Music Ensemble along with Dhruv Sangari will promote peace through mollifying music at the 'The Sufi Route'.

With the passing time and growing adaptation of western culture and music, the Sufi, Folk and Poetry have been left behind. The concert aims at reconnecting with the roots of Indian music and remind the music lovers of their communal values and history. The concert has been organised by Friday Filmworks, INvision Entertainment and Invloed Matrix.

Hosted at the iconic monument, the concert seeks to touch the hearts of the millennials who have drifted from the inspirational music. Rahman will reportedly conclude the event with his over-powering performance. Interested music devotees must book their tickets as soon as possible or miss the live concert.

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While announcing the event on Saturday, Rahman said, "For me, Sufism means destroying the evil in your heart. I am grateful to the organizers for this concert. This is something I cherish very closely. The need of the time is that spirituality and love which Sufism gives should be shared in humanity."

The grammy recipient believes that Indians are lucky and should stay connected to their culture and music plays a great role in that. Preaching a little more about the music form, he said, "I’m still a student. I’m learning a lot. There are four stages – Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat and Marifat. I’m very fascinated by that."

The Oscar awardee further added, "I think it’s the humanity. What we go through, help each other and share. Spirituality is not just bhajans and qawwalis, but love and actions." The music entourage moves to Turkey, Britain and UAE with Indian artistes promoting the music form and peace.