Stressed? Try These Acts For Instant Relief!'

| September 1 , 2016 , 14:54 IST
Defining stress as a Stimulus to life won't be wrong as its absence can make the life dull. It's a feeling we have when under pressure and Life's growth lies in 'how we handle pressure'? stress Stressbusters are the way to handle this pressure right. ALSO READ: Switch Off Your E-mail App To Be Stress-Free Here is the list of four stressbusters which can give you relief in 10 minutes: Laugh: By releasing all feel-good chemicals into your bloodstream, a good laugh leaves you with a feeling of being relaxed. Stretch: Stretching improves blood flow and release endorphins. Endorphin is a 'Happy Feel' harmone. ALSO READ:Feeling Feverish? It Might Be Stress Drink Water: The relation between Hydration and stress has long been acknowledged. Stress usually cause headaches and stiff muscles, keeping yourself hydrated can solve the problem. Breathe: Deep breathing makes your muscles feel relaxed and lowers down your blood pressure. When stressed, just close your eyes and take deep breaths, rest all is done!

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