Menstrual Hygiene Day: Still A Taboo In India, NGOs Try To Raise Awareness On Menstrual Hygiene

| May 28 , 2015 , 14:58 IST
It is a fact that talking about menstrual cycle is still a social taboo in many parts of India. This often becomes a major barrier in the education of girl child. As per reports, two out three girls in most parts of the world have no idea of what is happening to them when they experience menstrual cycle for the first time. Menstrual Hygiene Day This affects physical and emotional development of girls, resulting in low self-esteem and poor performance at school. According to a study in India, 95% girls missed school during to menstruation. Another research in Bihar showed that 39% of girls reported poor performance at school for the same reason. Often, the lack of adequate toilet facilities at school and fear and embarrassment due to the stigma attached to it further contribute to their disengagement in studies. A UNESCO report said that girls who are afraid to go to school during menstruation have fewer chances of growing up to be fully-empowered women. Many women in rural and urban Indian families are still not allowed to enter kitchen and temples and cannot worship during menstrual days. Moreover, fungal infection is a very common in rural areas as women are not allowed to sun-dry their undergarments.Menstrual Hygiene Day To break the menstrual stigma, NGOs has taken the charge of organising a workshop on ‘Menstrual Hygiene Management’ on 28th May at Gandhi Peace Memorial. It is a collaborative effort of Struggle for Justice, Jago Gaon and Parmarth Chintan foundation.The workshop is scheduled to hold a film screening and an open discussion where women associated with this issue will articulate their views. is the media partner of the event. Banner-new During an awareness programme by Jago Gaon in Damodarpur High School, class 10 student Poonam said, “We don’t have toilets at school, so we miss classes during menstrual cycle. Usually, we tend to miss 6 classes every month as dates of the cycle are not fixed.” Emphasising on social stigma associated with issue, Damodarpur-resident Munni Devi said that she could not take part in any of the rituals at her daughter’s wedding as she was undergoing menstrual cycle. In many parts of the India, even talking about menstrual cycle is a forbidden act, making the situation worse.

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