Are You Over-Washing Your Hair? Signs And Solutions To Keep In Mind

| September 3 , 2017 , 11:48 IST

People all around the world hold a special love for their hair. They love to experiment with their hair style but hate when it leaves your tresses frizzy or dirty. The first thought that pops to get rid of the grime is to wash them.

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Sometimes, without noticing people over-wash their hair. It has always been the topic of confusion that how often one should wash their hair for generations. Yes, washing hair regularly is important, but what does the 'regular' actually constitutes?

  • Hair Type

    One's hair type and lifestyle play an important role in ascertaining the number of times one should wash their hair in the week. The ones working out regularly need to wash their hair more often than people who don't exercise.

    Moreover, the people with thicker and curly hair can go way longer without washing their hair than people with fine and virgin hair. The traveling speed of oil in your tresses will also make a difference in your 'regular'.

  • Say No To Washing Hair Daily

    Regardless of the hair type and lifestyle, washing your hair daily is a bid NO. Washing hair on daily basis will strip them of the natural oils and proteins, resulting in dry and frizzy hair.

    Some shampoos suck in all the oils from the hair and leave them parched until the next day when more oil is accumulated in the scalp.

  • Avoid Sulphates

    Most of the shampoos contain sulphates are it helps in pulling dirt and grease out of the hair but they pull the oils the scalp along which are necessary for hair nourishment.

    Using sulphate free hair products or one with a minimum amount of sulphur is recommended.

  • Find the Balance

    Finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner as per your hair type might prove to be a perfect solution for going days without washing hair. Thinner hair needs volume whereas the dry hair needs moisture. Select your hair products accordingly.

In the nutshell, it's important that people don't over-wash their hair as it increases the tendency of facing issues that you are running away from. Applying oil few hours before washing your hair is recommended.

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People with dry hair should wash them twice in a week whereas one with oily scalp can wash their hair thrice a week.