Say NO To Shoes, Without socks. Know Why!

| October 12 , 2017 , 14:25 IST

Bought your favourite footwears and guess what? You ended up having health hazard without wearing socks with them! Wouldn’t it be the worst thing you would expect to happen? It could result in spoiling your mood too. We’ve all had countless instances where we bought a new pair of shoes and wore it to work the next day without wearing any socks. It’s not good facing a health issue because of some stupid ignorance. 

Your feet throw off up to 500 ml of foot sweat in a day. That sweat contains bacteria and in the warm, moist environment inside a shoe (especially a shoe made of synthetic materials), the bacteria multiply quickly and hence a pedicure goes to waste.

Here are the 4 things you can do, if you love your feet and health and avoid saying ouch!

Choose good Material

Usually bad smells come out of it because of the materials the shoes are made of. Most popular sneakers are made of fabric or synthetic material, which facilitates the sweatiness. This can also give you blisters on your feet, no matter how comfortable the shoe is.

Change Shoe Type

Wearing sneakers without socks can be actually pleasant and may avoid all the drawbacks previously mentioned. Buy shoes with leather insoles. Leather is the best material if you want to wear shoes without socks.

Powder Can help!

Put some talcom powder on your feet before wearing the shoes. This will regulate the perspiration and boost skin hydration. Also ensure to alternate wearing socks and wearing without socks.

Baking Soda Effect

If you really must go without socks, or are wearing very thin ones, cover your feet in baking soda, especially between the toes — it’ll absorb the sweat and bacteria, and help preserve the clean smell inside your shoes.