Ramadan Mubarak! 5 Facts To Know About The Holy Month

| May 27 , 2015 , 14:15 IST


The holy month of Ramadan occurs on the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calender and is observed by the Muslims all over the world as a month of fasting to commemorate the revelation of holy Quran to Prophet  Mohammad.

The month includes intensive obligatory fasting or 'Fardh' from sunrise to sunset.

On this holy day, here are five interesting facts about Ramadan:

1. Ramadan is based on a Pagan festival that celebrated the 'Moon God' from moon rise to moon set. It was later adapted by Prophet Muhammad to be from sunrise to sunset.

2. Apart from food and liquid, a person is also expected to abstain from sexual intercourse, sinful behaviour, false speech and fighting.

3. There are loopholes in fasting that include illness, travelling and  pregnancy and the kids who haven't attained puberty.

4. Shias and Sunnis break their fast at different time. While Sunnis break their fast as soon as the sun sets, Shias wait for the last rays of light  to vanish from the sky.

5. Charity is an important part of Ramadan and includes Zakat, which is mandatory giving and Sadqa, which is voluntary.