Petroleum Jelly Is Not Just For Skin, Check Out These 5 Other Uses!

| October 15 , 2017 , 13:39 IST

October is here and the exciting festival season gives us time for grand celebrations with delicious food, bringing everyone together. To look your best, you don't need to buy new products, you can make use of the versatile Petroleum Jelly in ways other than applying on drying skin.

Make the maximum use of Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline and experience the magical benefits of it.

Here Are 5 Other Uses Of Petroleum Jelly:

Get Glossy Hair

Want to make your hair look glossy? As the winter season starts we get troubled with our hair problems. Hair starts getting dry and split ends make it look worse. Use a little Petroleum Jelly on your split ends, this will add shine to your hair and hair won't look frizzy.

Get Shiny Nails

Putting on nail paint for long time periods make our nails dull. To get back the shine, apply some petroleum jelly on nails and massage for 5 min, this will really work and soon you will get your shiny nails back.

For Makeup Glow

Petroleum Jelly is just a magic, now try this for an instant glow: while doing makeup mix a little bit of face powder with petroleum jelly and dab it on your cheekbones to get that instant glow. The same mix you can apply on your back while deep back outfits this festive season.

Boost Up Body Skin

We love to wear stylish dresses but sometimes we take our hand back because of dull skin. To boost up your body skin, mix a little Vaseline with sea salt and apply it on your body after a bath. This will serve as a long-lasting lotion for your skin and your skin will no longer look dull.

Eyebrow Gel

Try this for a neat look, apply Petroleum Jelly on eyebrow hair it will stick back all the hair and will give you a perfect framed look.

So to add extra glam to your festive look, start adding petroleum jelly from today itself and have a trial for the festive season looks.

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